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These Conditions of Use (Hereinafter referred to as “Conditions of Use”) regulate the access, navigation and use the website under the domain (hereinafter referred to “The Website”) and all the services and contents in it. The Conditions establish the privacy and cookie policy relative to the use of personal data of the users (hereinafter referred to as “The Users”), and the terms of conditions within which the website is established (hereinafter, “Terms and Conditions”.)

In compliance with the article 10 of 34/2002 Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce Law (la Llei 34/2002, de Serveis de la Societat de la Informació i de Comerç Electrònic) Riosta Barcelona provides its users with the following information on the owner of the website and its contents:

RIOSTA BARCELONA S.L. is a commercial firm whose registered office is located in Barcelona, avda.Diagonal, 357, baixos, with the C.I.F (tax identification code) B67210492. Users can contact the company by e-mail or by telephone 931984067 from 9:30h to 13:30h and from 15:30h to 18:30h.

It is understood that access to or the mere use of the Website on behalf of the User implies adherence to these General Conditions. Therefore, the careful reading and acceptance of these terms and conditions is highly recommended.

RIOSTA BARCELONA S.L. has created in the web an online ticket sales system to purchase tickets for the scheduled events.

      2.  TICKET SALE


RIOSTA BARCELONA S.L. offers an online ticket sale through which USERS can easily purchase tickets for the events scheduled by the Company.

By accessing the website, and more specifically, the online ticket sales system, Users declare that they understand and accept the following conditions.

2.2. How to buy a ticket

The User who proceeds to buy one or more tickets, will be referred to as “TICKET HOLDER”. Therefore, RIOSTA BARCELONA S.L. will be referred to as the “SELLER”. The purchase of one or more tickets online has a contractual ground.

The TICKET HOLDER must fill in the personal information required and by doing so, he or she declares the information provided is his or her own true personal details. A receipt will be sent by e-mail and from that moment, the sale will be completed and both parties will be required to fulfil the agreement.

2.3. General conditions of the ticket sale in the website.

2.3.1. The TICKET HOLDER of one or more tickets is subject to the following General Conditions

A) The TICKET-HOLDER will enter the event by handing in the printed ticket. The ticket should be complete and in a good condition. The organization does not guarantee the authenticity of the ticket if it has not been purchased at one of the official points of sale. Any ticket which is amended, broken or with falsification evidence shall authorize the Organizer to deprive its bearer access to the facilities. The TICKET-HOLDER must keep his or her ticket until the event finishes.

The reselling of the ticket is illegal and it can be a reason for the confiscation of the ticket with no right to a ticket refund.

B) The number and type of the tickets will be chosen by the TICKET-HOLDER during the purchasing process. No modification is allowed once the process is completed.

C) The purchasing process includes the ticket Printing / downloading service. In exceptional situations, if this service is not available, the TICKET-HOLDER will have to be 20 minutes in advance at the ticket office of the facilities in order to pick up the tickets. The TICKET-HOLDER will have to show:

* His / Her ID/passport.

* The receipt of the confirmation of purchase sent by e-mail.

Once the purchase process is completed, no changes can be made. Therefore, it is recommended to check the ticket details and the personal information before making the payment.

E) RIOSTA BARCELONA S.L. reserves the right to modify timetables, dates, and to cancel the event, if convenient.

F) The ticket cannot be used for commercial, promotional or other purposes like bets or contests without express authorization from the company. Users shall respond to RIOSTA BARCELONA S.L. by any damages or prejudicial consequence of any nature that may be caused, directly or indirectly as a consequence of non-compliance with disregard for these conditions.

2.4.Conditions of access and stay.

When buying a ticket, the User accepts the rules and regulations of the facilities in which it takes place. Any breaking of these rules or any other action that can damage it will be punished with the expulsion of the facilities.

A) RIOSTA BARCELONA S.L. reserves the right of admission. All minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

B) For security reasons, according to current Law, when entering the site, public can be subject of being searched by security staff. Objects considered dangerous or prohibited by current Law are not allowed inside the facilities.

The following objects are completely forbidden, and the access to the event of those carrying them can be denied:

  • Alcoholic drinks, weapons or objects that can be used as such. Sparklers or fireworks or similar objects.
  • Banners, flags, badges or any other symbol that can incite violence or hatred.
  • People who are under the effects of alcohol, narcotic or psychotropic substances.

C)RIOSTA BARCELONA S.L. reserves the right to expel a participant from further participation in an event, should RIOSTA BARCELONA S.L. , at its sole discretion, deem the participant’s behaviour inappropriate or offensive to other participants, employees or the facility.

D)RIOSTA BARCELONA S.L. reserves all the image rights and intellectual property of the event. During the event, the TICKET-HOLDER may be filmed and/or photographed and these graphics/or audio-visuals may be used with commercial or promotional purposes. For this purpose, the TICKET-HOLDER must give their consent to be filmed as part of the attendees.

If there is a surveillance video we inform you that your image will be stored in a responsibility file with the purpose of controlling the access and the security of the event. Users may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of the processing of personal data to the organizers of the event.


3.1. General aspects

A) Changes and refunds of the ticket will not be accepted, except in the case of cancelation of the event.

If the TICKER-HOLDER cannot assist to the event for reasons that do not involve RIOSTA BARCELONA S.L. or due to mistakes in the purchasing process the ticket is non-refundable

RIOSTA BARCELONA S.L. is not responsible of the loss, stealing of the ticket or of the personal belongings of the TICKET-HOLDER.

In accordance with the regulations in retail trade the rights of withdrawal or resolution are not applicable

In the case of cancellation of the event when it has already started the ticket is non-refundable.

Bad weather will not lead to ticket refund.

3.2. Procedure

A) Once the ticket has been purchased, it will be only changed or refunded in the case of cancellation. In case of cancellation, the TICKET-HOLDER can apply for a refund in a period no longer than thirty days from the day of the public announcement of the cancellation.

The TICKET-HOLDER can request the refund in the period of 15 days from the date of the public announcement of the cancellation. RIOSTA BARCELONA S.L. will specify the way of refund and the purchaser must hand in the receipt.

If within the period established in the paragraph above, the TICKET-HOLDER has not requested a ticket refund, it will be understood as a renouncement to the refund. The tickets are non-refundable after the period already established.

B) In case of a refund, the amount of money refunded will always be the exact price of the ticket. RIOSTA BARCELONA S.L. will not be responsible for any other expense, for example: hotels, trips or meals etc.

Any changes or cancellation will be notified by e-mail. The email address that will receive this e-mail will be the one filled in the form “New Account”.

4.   Use of the Website

Users must use the website correctly. Users must use the website in accordance with the current national and international legislation in terms of good faith and under the parameters of public order. Furthermore, they must follow the instructions given by RIOSTA BARCELONA S.L. .

Users will not use the website with illegal or damaging purposes that can harm the use or the functioning of the website, its contents or its services. Therefore, any action that may affect the normal use of the website by other users is completely forbidden.

Our antivirus System is secure. Therefore, Riosta Barcelona S.L. is not responsible of any type of damage caused by informatic virus that can affect the informatic System of the users’ computer.

RIOSTA BARCELONA S.L. is not responsible of the functioning of the fix or mobile communication networks which allow the use of the website. The responsibility of this aspect relies entirely to external providers of RIOSTA BARCELONA.

If convenient, RIOSTA BARCELONA S.L. will proceed to suspend the service and remove all illegal or incorrect contents. The company will do so according to its own criteria: by request of an affected party or of an authority. The suspension cannot lead into any compensation.


RIOSTA BARCELONA S.L. owns all the intellectual and industrial property rights in the website and owns or holds the licences corresponding to the intellectual and industrial property and image rights over the content available on the website.

The use of the intellectual and industrial property is forbidden. In any case, the permission of the User for the access to the website does not mean in any case the transfer of intellectual and industrial property rights.

All material and information in the COMPANY’S Website and/or Contents are subject to the current law of intellectual and/or industrial property. The rights to the material and other elements that appear in the website or the contents (including although not limited to, text, graphics, design, information and contents) belong to the company or in some cases, to third parties that have ceded these to the company.


RIOSTA BARCELONA S.L. reserves the admission and exclusion rights of the website. Any user not complying with the rules mentioned above can be expelled and his or her account can be closed-down.

RIOSTA BARCELONA S.L. can suspend without previous notice the providing of services to users that do not follow the rules established in the Conditions.


RIOSTA BARCELONA S.L. reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of these Conditions of Use in accordance with the applicable law in every moment. Any changes will be notified in the website. It is the user’s responsibility to check and review these Conditions of Use periodically.


These Conditions of Use are in accordance with the Law 34/2002 Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce Law (Llei 34/2002, de Serveis de la Societat de la Informació i de Comerç Electrònic), the Law 7/1998 about General Employing Conditions (Llei 7/1998 sobre Condicions Generals de Contractació), the Law 26/1984 for the Consumers and Users Protection (Llei 26/1984 General per a la Defensa dels Consumidors i Usuaris), the Law 7/1996 of Retail Trade Management (Llei 7/1996 d’Ordenació del Comerç Minorista) and all other legal dispositions regarding the laws above.


These legal notice general conditions are subject of the Spanish Law and the courts and tribunals of Barcelona have jurisdiction in relation to any issues that might arise regarding the interpretation, application and performance of the same.


In accordance with the Spanish legislation on Personal data protection (Llei Orgànica 15/1999, del 13 de desembre, de Protecció de Dades de Caràcter Personal) the personal information provided by the users of this website will be stored in an automatized file owned by RIOSTA BARCELONA S.L. , avda.Diagonal, 357, baixos (08037) Barcelona.

Users do not need to be registered to access the website, they can do so freely. But Users can request to receive information about Riosta Barcelona filling in the contact form.

The personal information of the users that give their consent for the treatment of their personal data is stored in a file, which is responsibility of RIOSTA BARCELONA S.L. . This data will be used in order to give further information about the company’s services and products. The data will remain confidential and will only be used in order to fulfil a correct service management, administrative tasks or to send information either by e-mail or ordinary mail.

If the user does not agree with the conditions mentioned above, he or she can mark the box that specifies that the User does not give the consent of the personal data treatment within the website of RIOSTA BARCELONA S.L. . In the case of a previous authorization, but the will of withdrawing such consent the USER can send an e-mail to or mail the registered office mentioned above. Users may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of the processing of personal data. USERS also have the right of the knowledge of any action affecting his or her personal details.

The minimum age to use the website is 14 years old. Minors must have the consent of their parents or legal tutors that are responsible of all their acts.

In compliance with the Law 15/1999 of Personal Data Protection RIOSTA BARCELONA S.L. declares that it has the necessary technical means to manage the database with total security for the protection of all personal data stored in it. RIOSTA BARCELONA S.L. has adopted all obligatory technical and organisational security measures in accordance with current legislation with the aim of guaranteeing maximum security and confidentiality of communication. However, security measures of the informatic systems are not totally reliable on, so, there is no total guarantee that the server is completely clean of virus or informatic interferences. RIOSTA BARCELONA S.L. is not responsible of any damage caused by interruptions, virus or any technologic or informatic problems that do not involve the firm.

RIOSTA BARCELONA S.L. reserves the right to suspend a user if he or she is using false personal data or carrying out any criminal action included in the Criminal Code (Codi Penal).



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