About Us

Riosta Barcelona was created with the main purpose to give a personalized and quality service in the historic and architectural heritage management.

The depth of knowledge in the area of cultural tourism added to the experience in the academic world, both in the fields of teaching and research of the founder Monica Maspoch is an enormous advantage which is increased yet further when her architectural research and intervention is taken into consideration. All leading to an in-depth greater understanding when managing heritage from a global viewpoint.

The objective of Riosta Barcelona is double fold. On the one hand, to deepen historic architecture knowledge. On the other hand, to go beyond the touristic service involving the owners, tour agents and citizens. These objectives are carried out in a way which demonstrates the respectful use of architectural heritage and helps in the obtaining of the economic funding for its conservation. Furthermore, by getting to know both one’s own and other cultures heritage leads to deepening the love for it and helping in its preservation for the enjoyment of future generations.


Riosta Barcelona is a team of 12 people all of whom share the common base of a university background in the Humanities area. Furthermore, we have another common denominating factor: the desire to transmit knowledge and share the passion for architectural heritage. Beyond the guided visits, all these professionals have a role inside the company developed in different projects.

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